Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hip Hop and Such

I changed my ringtone today. Having the phone for nearly 2 years with the same ringtone, Juan and I decided it was time for a new one. It is now called Hip Hop. The old one was called Rock Me. I am not really sure why. So that's what new in my life.

I am slowly getting over the fact that I didn't see the Yarn Harlot when she was only a half hour from where I live (check out her blog to see the crowd that did show up!). To begin the recovery process my mom went to our local yarn shop and bought me some yarn she thought I would like and is sending it my way. Hopefully the package will arrive tomorrow in the mail. It will include the yarn to finish the purse I am currently working on for Laurel... As well as the yarn (in the right color) for the purse I had wanted to knit for Laurel for her birthday and some yarn for a purse that I am going to make for myself! I'll post a picture as soon as I get it. The purse I had made for myself (my second felted purse) is beginning to see some wear. So I thought I'd make myself a new purse. Even though it is getting to be warmer I have a lot of knitting still on my plate. 1. The scarf for Aunt Melinda 2. The lace scarf (which is my slow-im-taking-my-time prokect) 3. Finish Laurel's Purse 4. Start purse for Laurel 5. Purse for me 5. Baby bib and baby hat for my future cousin (using patterns from Leigh Radford's new book One Skein).

Did I tell you I have business cards? Yup, I do! I haven't used many of them, but when I was selling the purses for Israel (if you'd still like one, its not too late) I would stick one inside the purse. They look like this: Just a warning: I am no longer in the eye of the homework storm. I have six days left of classes left and then my exams begin. I have five papers to write and three exams. For one of my classes I only have to do a presentation. The only other class I have the teacher is having us over to his house for a BBQ which should be a nice change of pace in all the craziness of exams.

I leave for Israel in 19 days! Holy goodness! I didn't realize how close it was. I am really really REALLY excited. I have to find out what the policy is with knitting needles on the plane - especially one going into Tel Aviv. Does anyone know? I can't imagine being on such a long flight without my knitting!

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