Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Eye of the Homework Storm

This have been so crazy. These 18 credits are killing me. I'd like to think the worst is over, but I think I'm just in the eye of the storm. Today I had two annotated bibiliographies due (which is quite possibly worse than hell) and a presentation. I have a two week "slow" time starting now and then the craziness picks up again with two presentations, intense map homework for Israel preparation, and three huge papers. So, I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts with as much knitting time as possible and expanding my mind intellectually by choice. Tonight I went to a debate which discussed if artifical contraception is acceptable from the standpoint of Christian sexual ethics. On Thursday I am going to a discussion titled "The Bible: An Honest Criticism" which is to address difficult questions regarding the Bible. I will admit these are not necessarily things the average 21 year old is thinking about, but they interest me and I want to learn all I can.

Oh, knitting lesson of the week: never let a "friend" knit one of your projects just cause she's bored. Quickly hand her yarn and needles so she can cast on her own project, even if this means taking from your own stash. It may be the simplest kind of knitting - don't risk it! This friend, whom we shall call Juan - for their sake - was sitting on my bed pretending to knit the purse I am making for Laurel. I trust Juan, so I gave him permission to knit a few rows. Bad mistake - I should have just let him keep pretending. Juan turned my knitting around, pulled the yarn to the other side and started knitting. About 2-3 rows later Juan realized it didn't look like the rest of the purse. He set it down, hoping I wouldn't be there when I discovered it. He was. He purled it! I had to frog back all this knitting. I discovered the hard way that it was an easy mistake for Juan to make, but it was made. Juan will bring his own knitting from now on. I post this event on my blog not to ridicule Juan, but rather to warn other knitters of this catastrophe (Juan, I still love you!).

Oh! I've recently discovered a new podcaster that is based in Boston. It's one of the first, if not the first, podcast for knitters by a man. It's called It's a Purl, Man. This podcast is especially amazing because I get to hear about all the coolest yarn shops and knitting events in the Boston area, all right around the corner from where I am. How lucky am I?!

Hopefully in these next few weeks - in the eye of the storm - I will be able to update my blog more often. I apologize to those of you - if any of you exisit - who check my blog daily to see if I've updated, just like I obsessivley check other blogs and then get annoyed when they haven't posted in the last 3 hours. I mean, I don't do that - my roommate does. Right?


Lizzie said...

poor Juan
it's a good thing you went easy on that hispanic man

holly said...

HAHAHA! I love the Juan story and just wracked my brain to think of who it could be. That is hilarious. I just laughed for about five minutes straight and almost started to cry. You did a good job of disguising Juan's identity.