Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Clam that Is Knitting

"The Clam that is Knitting" is not a phrase I had ever heard before either (don't worry, you aren't missing anything!). Let me explain...

My roommate is funny. So funny in fact, that she is in our college's improv comedy group - Sweaty-Toothed Madmen (yes, the ones mentioned in the Dead Poet's Society). Think Drew Carey's Who's Line is it Anyway? They put on a show last night for the campus and did wonderfully. They played one particular game that I am going to tell you about. It is the setup of a debate and five people are involved. While debating one topic the debators have to also figure out a phrase that was decided on before hand by people sherading it. One person is the mediator. Two people are the debators and the last two people are the sheraders. Confusing, I know!

The phrases that the debators had to figure out where: 1. They stole the powder. and 2. I am eating clam chowder. The challenging part is that the topic being debated has nothing to do with powder or chowder. Instead the topic, decided by the mediator (the wonderful CEMG), was "Which is better: Knitting or Purling?" (Now, we has knitters know that this is not a topic that needs to be debated, because we need knits and purls to work together to create masterpiece after masterpiece. The rest of the audience didn't know this.) Judd, who had to figure out I am eating clam chowder had figured out that the words eating and clam where in the sentence. He also had to keep the debate topic of knit v. purl going. And that is when the wonderful phrase appeared: The Clam that is Knitting. SPECTACULAR.

Makes no sense to you? Me either! But I thought it sounded real cool. So, there you have it... when knitting meets improv.

On a side note, the shawl is coming along quite nicely. In fact, I am nearly done - about another hour or so of work on it. Grandma will be receiving it tomorrow. I will post pictures of it then. I visited her today when I got home for Easter break. She was really happy to see me and is anxious to know what this surprise is that I keep mentioning to her.

Girls at Gordon: I miss you terribly.


holly said...

h! of course!

Anonymous said...

i just finished crocheting an afghan to fit onto the frame of my aerodynamic dragon wings, so i can commute back and forth to visit you guys! i'm working on two more pairs for holly and erin. for now they can hang onto a rope tied to my dragon waist. i'll soon post a diagram on my site. --linda