Monday, March 27, 2006


Holy Goodness! Has it really been almost a week since I've posted last? I apologize for those of you - if any - who were waiting for me to post yet another exciting entry. Life has been super busy. This second half of the semester I picked up two more classes and its really starting to hit me. My room is a mess. I can't find anything. And yet there seems to be no time to clean it. I can barely find room to shower. I'm tired. Mom - don't worry, this is part of being a college student, right?

Anyway, for those of you who weren't aware I went up to Maine this weekend to visit Aunt Melinda and Uncle Danny. Aunt Melinda is the aunt that I made the black and green purse for. I gave it to her this weekend. She absolutely loved it and carried it with her all day Friday as we were shopping. Apparently everyone else liked it too. She got many compliments and she was happy to point out that her niece had made it for her. We went to the local yarn store near her, conviently in her home town. There we bought this yarn so I can make her a scarf. It's Berroco's Optik. I've never worked with it before so we shall see how it comes out. This yarn shop - called Heavenly Socks Yarns - provided the most wonderful tool I had ever seen, and it was FREE. A complimentary needle and hook inventory. It gives you a place to mark down which needles you have and which you don't. As you can tell from the picture I have yet to mark in which I have - or more importantly which I still need to get!

For not being around the five other knitters in my apartment, this weekend was quite filled with many knitters. Okay, many meaning two... but hey, that's more than I had expected. My first encounter was in South Station as I waited for my bus to be ready for boarding. The lady sitting next to me, after settling her things around her, pulled out some yarn and needles. My attention was immediately grabbed and I tried to stare as much as possible, without making it look like I was staring. Finally, I got the nerve to ask her what she was making. She was making a mitten for a little girl. It was pink. She pulled out the other completed one to show me. Then I got to show her the purse I am making. We stared in awe at each other's knitting and then went back to our own projects, as a knitter's fingers can not be idol for long.

Friday night was my next encounter with a knitter - haha, I'm talking as if I had seen UFOs or something. After a long day of shopping with Aunt Melinda. The two of us and Uncle Danny went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and then to an Irish acoustic band concert (weird mix, I know). They were fantastic. They call themselves Lunasa ( It was the type of music that you just wanted to jump out of your seat and start dancing. Everyone in the audience were moving their heads to the beat of the music. I glanced over the audience and then saw a lady who was not only moving her head with the beat, but she was also KNITTING with the beat of the music. It was quite fascinating. I never got to talk to her and see what she was knitting because she was on the other side of the concert hall, but she sure kept me wondering what she knittin' over yonder.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's newest book should be arriving in the mail any day now. I cannot wait! Hopefully, it'll be sooner than later before I post again.

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