Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Has Sprung!

The worst of it is over. Winter is gone - atleast technically. Mother nature is still trying to hold on to Winter but she is slowly loosing her grip! YAY!

There are six weeks left in the semester and they are going by quickly! I still have yet to fall into the normal way of things here at school since coming back from Spring Break. Last week Alison was here. Then Laurel came for the weekend! Friday night we went to Nodrog - the faculty talent show - which was quite entertaining. And then off to Soma - our usual Friday hang out where we get a little dressed up and go have drinks and fancy cheese platters. Saturday we spent ALL day in Boston. This picture is of the three of us - Laurel, Me, and Sarah - taking a break in the food court of the Prudential building after a long day of window shopping and Henna tattooing (atleast on my part). Sunday was recovery day and then she left me on Monday (I miss her lots!).

This weekend I am going up to Maine to visit my Aunt and Uncle! I will get there Thursday night and leave Sunday afternoon. Friday we are going to see an acoustic Irish band - Lunasa. I haven't heard them so it should be a neat experience.

Oh! Did I tell you one of my apartment-mates went to Italy over Spring Break? Yea well, she did! And she had a fantastic time - although I have yet to hear all about it. She is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She is the most patient and kindest person in the world. Anyway, she brought back each of us girls in the apartment a little something from Italy. I got the best gift - ladybugs! No... not real ladybugs. Ladybugs made of Murano glass which is made right in Italy. She told me when she was looking at them she picked up one and the salesman told her no it was to be sold as a family!

I love my girls. They are what keep me going. Ladybugs or no ladybugs!

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