Friday, March 10, 2006

"Nothing to Fear...

...except fear itself" - especialy now that I can cross double pointed needles off of my list of things to fear. It's ready to be put on circular needles, but unfortunately I left me circular US 8 set at school by accident.

Also on my list of completetion was the scarf for my wonderful mommy. She wanted it super long so she could double it up. I finished it tonight while watching "Walk the Line" (Wonderful movie, by the way) with Mom and Dad. Mom loved it and said she was going to wear it to bed. I think she'd wake up in a sweat cause its going to keep her real warm - especially if the weather stays as warm as it was today - 70 degrees. It's only March 10 - there is supposed to be another 11 days of winter, right? I finished it with PLENTY of time for her to enjoy it... right?

It was a wonderful day for visiting the library and home of our 32nd president - Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It's easy to remeber he was the 32nd president because he was elected in 1932. It was really fun. Just Dad and I went and we had a lot of fun looking at all the keepsakes and reading all the plaques explaining what the keepsakes were. I saw the study that Franklin used when he was home during his presidency and the cloak he work during the Yalta Conference with Stalin and Churchill. I also learned that Eleanor, his wife (and 5th cousin once removed) was a knitter and sewer. She never went anywhere without one or the other. When she passed away, he knitting tools and projects were immediately donated to the museum. The green sweater in this picutre was knitted by Eleanor for a friend in the army. There was also the beginnings of a sweater for an infant that Eleanor never got to finish. And lots and lots of needles. She was really quite a remarkable woman.

Speaking of remarkable women. I met and had my picture taken with Jodi Picoult - my favorite author. I am just over halfway through her latest novel - The Tenth Circle - which was born on March 7th. She told us of her two research projects for her books. She went ghost hunting for her book Second Glance. For her latest book she lived in an eskimo village for few weeks. One of the little boys who lived in the house she was staying at kept pointing and laughing at her and then she was told it was because he had never seen anyone with her color hair before. With three kids - 14, 12, and 10 - she is truly a remarkable woman.

Spring Break is nearly over. I cannot belive it has gone so fast. I am not looking forward to the new heavy workload that will await me. (Oh, I better finish Jodi's book before I go back to school - otherwise I may never finish it!) But I still have two more days of Spring Break left and I WILL enjoy it!

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