Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Nerve of Some People!

According to Stephanie's newest Book Knitting Rules I am an obsessed knitter. This type of knitter uses all her free time to knit and occasionally will stalk - I mean admire - someone else's sweater, even if that means chasing them down the streets of New York City . She will also choose public transportation over driving even if it means she will arrive a few hours later. This, however, is no reason for another person - another knitting person at that - to discourage the knitting lifestyle. He said to me, and I quote, "maybe a new arts and crafts should be explored....Quilting?" Can you believe this? First of all, as beautiful as quilting is, it is completely impractical to the on-the-go-knitter. Imagine bringing my quilting to chapel? Or on the bus ride up to visit my aunt?! I was appalled at this suggestion, as I am sure you are too! I suppose according to Stephanie, he would be classified as a pretender knitter. These knitters have been "granted 'knitter' status only by the virtue of their affection for the craft..." These knitters usually have been knitting the same garter stitch scarf for the last 10 years or so.

Yes, Knitting Rules came in the mail yesterday and I've already started reading it. She is so brillant. Also in that shipment came Pursenalities: 20 Great Knitted and Felted Bags. I strongly STRONGLY recommend this book, especially if you love or want to love felting. Each of the 20 purses in this book are wonderful and if you don't like them your friend will. There is also a sequel: Pursenalities Plus. This book does have one or two good patterns, but I would not say it has the selection that the original has. Check out this website to get a preview of all the purses included in the original book. The glimpse at the knitted piece in the picture is the pink purse that my lovely sister has requested I make for her - the one I had to learn DPNs for. It's coming along quite nicely. I am about half way through it - and I am nervous I wont have enough yarn to finish it despite the yarn shop telling me I would. This is the first felted purse I knit on needles smaller than US 13. I am making this one on US 8, so its moving just a little bit slower, not to mention I have a ton of school work lately.

However, the massive amounts of school work has not kept me from starting new projects. In addition to the purse I am making for Laurel I have to other projects going - one started yesterday, and one started today. Yesterday I started knitting the scarf with the yarn that my aunt picked out. I wasn't quite sure how it would look once it was knitted up. I'm beginning to love it. I also casted on for the lace scarf that I plan on knitting as my long term project - and believe me, it will definitely be long term! This picture is after knitting 5 rows. You can barely tell there is anything there! It's kind of insane. I am going to enjoy working on it and pick it up only when I want to knit it. In the mean time I have plenty other projects to knit when I don't want to be knitting lace.

I may be obsessed, but it's only because I've found something I truly love. I am not a pretender. I am the real thing - as scary as that may be to some.


Anonymous said...

it's not scary. it's beautiful. as!

--cliche-weilding love slave next door

Anonymous said...

The scarf is beautiful, I love it!
Aunt Melinda