Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Loosing my wisdom

Shall I start with the good news or the bad news?

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. Tomorrow, or I guess techinically today now that I look at my watch, I am getting one of my wisdom teeth pulled. Yup, only one - which means I'm going to have to go through this horrible experience atleast one more time. I have no idea what to think about this. I'm nervous, I mean they are taking one of my teeth out - and this time I don't get to put it under my pillow and get a quarter. Didn't God give us teeth for a reason - mainly that of staying in ones mouth? Instead, I am going to have a gigantic hole in the back of my mouth. Lovely!

The one thing that continusly comes to mind when I think about wisdom teeth being removed is Mr. Hull - my 5th grade teacher. My fifth grade year he got his wisdom teeth pulled. And being the awesome class that we were we threw him a party when he came back into school. He was surprised at our little party for him, but enjoyed it. Those were the good ol' days. Now it is my turn to experience this horrible fate that everyone eventually comes to. But why couldn't all my teeth be ready to come out all at once?

The good news is that The Tenth Circle was released today (March 7th) and being the dedicated fan that I am I drove right on over to Borders and bought my copy. So, despite having a tooth yanked out of my mouth I will have Jodi's latest masterpiece to keep me company. And best of all, I will get to meet her on Thursday. Hopefully my mouth won't be swollen anymore - or atleast not noticeably so. I am her BIGGEST fan - guaranteed. I don't want her to recall the image of Violet Beauregard when she sees me. I hope to have the book most of the way finished when I go to see her. I'm going to ask her to sign it. I am very excited.

In other news - I can't decide if its good or bad - Joyce is going to teach me how to knit with the dreaded double pointed needles. Laurel picked out a pattern for a felted purse that she wanted me to make her but of course it involves dpn's and of course I have no idea how to use them - despite my many attempts to teach myself. So Thursday afternoon Joyce - God bless her soul - is going to be patient enough to teach crazy old me the art of double pointed needles. I find that every pattern I want to knit lately involves double pointed needles - especially that of the oh-so-famous Mrs. Beeton's designed by Brenda Dayne of the Cast-On podcast. I think they are beautiful. I want them in every color.

Can I please drop out of school to knit full time? Will someone PLEASE pay me to knit full time? I'd be the happiest girl alive! If you need someone who will pay for a full time Knitter please contact me ASAP!

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You are so cute and witty! Where do you get it from?


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