Friday, March 03, 2006

Knitting Disappointment

The Yarn Harlot's newest book - Knitting Rules - comes out March 1st - or so I had thought the page had told me. Being March 3rd I thought I was going to be one of the last knitters to get the new book. Dad and I went this evening and much to be disappoint I found that it has not yet been released. I came home and checked the page and they had no publication date out. So I went to my next choice - Barnes and Nobles. According to them the book will not be released until March 23. This is very sad since I seem to hang on the Harlot's every word. I check her blog for a new entry the minute I wake up in the morning. Knowing a new book was coming out was a dream come true. But now I have to wait another TWENTY days til my dream comes true.

By the way, did I tell you that before I was obsessed with knitting I was obsessed with reading (I still am!)? One of my favorite authors is Jodi Picoult. A friend of mine got me hooked when she gave me Plain Truth and within 2 months I had read all of Jodi's books that were published at that time. Since then I've had to wait patiently for the month of March to arrive - which is when she publishes her books. One book of Jodi's is released once a year. It's tough those other 11 months because as soon as her newest book is in my hands it is read within a minimum amount of time, so then I am stuck waiting the rest of the year for March to come around once more. It is MARCH! This means Jodi's latest book - The Tenth Circle - comes out this Tuesday March 7th. You can bet I will be at my bookstore on that morning to get my hands on it. Checking her website to make sure that the publication date hasn't been pushed back - like that of our beloved yarn harlot. And that's when I saw that she will be at a local library about a half hour from my home this coming Thursday - March 9th! I will be there with my book in hand to be autographed! I'm so excited that I am going to get the chance to meet my favorite author. I love her because she addresses controversial topics of the day - teen suicide, euthenasia, stem cell research - and explores them in an everyday context. She never takes a stance on the topic but leaves the reader to decide this on their own.

Oh, I guess you can assume by reading this that I made it home just fine to begin my spring break. Sarah and I left on Thursday evening and didn't hit any snow til Connecticut - halfway home. Spring Break has begun even though Spring doesn't start until March 21st and despite the fact that it is still 20 degrees here. Why didn't I go somewhere warm? Oh right, because I love my family!

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