Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ladies and Gentlemen:

My Gold Medal!

Now that the Knitting Olympics is over, I feel like there isn't much to talk about, but then I remember that there was a blog before these Knitting Olympics and there is ALWAYS something to talk about. The two intense exams that I had right after the Olympics is over and I feel a sense of peace. Spring Break starts - for me - tomorrow at 2pm. I will be going home on Thursday and can't wait to be with my family again. You all already know how I love my family - my newly knitting sister, my yarn-winding father, and my I-like-watching-others-knit-but-I-don't-actually-knit mother (I still love you mom).

The other day when I was having a Knitting Breakdown, I went on eBay and decided to search for yarns having heard from my roomie, that it was a good place to find good deals. She was right! I decided I was going to teach myself something new and take my time knitting it, really enjoy it. I'm going to teach myself how to do lace. I found this beautiful laceweight hand-dyed merino yarn. I'm going to make a lace shawl out of it. It is shipping from the United Kingdom for a total price with shipping of $10.43!!! That's a ball of 400 yards. I was rather impressed with my purchase. I also learned that eBay is a great place to find good deals on knitting needles. Many people sell them as full sets for aroun $30. That's a great deal when your getting 12 pairs of needles. However, I did find one not so great finding on ebay. A pair of knitting needles. "What's so bad about a pair of knitting needles?" you ask. Knitting needles are NOT supposed to glow. I love knitting. I am OBSESSED with knitting. BUT, I would never, I repeat NEVER buy these needles no matter how bad I wanted to knit during some concert I paid $50 for a ticket. I was appalled at this invention. I apologize if you own this little gadget.

I've already started a new knitting project - a scarf for my mom. It's made in a grey tweed Cascade 220 yarn. I'm doing it in a k2,p2 thick ribbed pattern. It's gonna be really cute. My mom is gonna be the hotest thing around! I've got many projects lined up: lace scarf, purse for Laurel, mom's scarf, etc.

So much to knit, so little time...if only I didn't have so much school work. If only I could be paid to knit full time. If only I lived in a dream world.

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