Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I've Made a Mess

I am finally beginning to feel the pressure of the knitting olympics. The closing ceremony is in 4 days 14 hours and counting. Spring break is in 7 days and counting! But with the end of spring break means mid-term exams = and I have TWO REALLY BIG ONES the Monday and Tuesday following the end of the knitting olympics (It is sad to think that this wonderful challenge will come to an end). So here is where I need to try to really balance knitting with school work (which really should be my top priority despite what other knitters may think).

Four days? Do-able? Normally, I would say yes. Today, I say no. This last purse is just not working for me. After much difficulty, I finally obtained the correct sized needles for the purse I was going to make in the Felted Knits book I bought the other week. I began working on it this evening, but it was not coming together. My mind seems to be somewhere else lately, not sure where exactly. I really wish she (my mind) would have left a note before deciding to pack her bags and go on a vacation. Not to mention that this is the worst time that my mind could have choosen for a vacation (I really hope its a temporary vacation. I really miss her!) ANYWAY, so I retreated to my laptop to try to find a better pattern online that would fit my fancy as well as that of my aunt whom this purse is for. I found one. I started to get into a better mood with this new found pattern and was on a roll, when I realized somewhere along the way I wrapped my yarn around my project so that it was folded over (no idea if that makes any sense to anyone else). So, being tired/frustrated/irrational I pulled all 3 inches of it out - not a lot, I know, but I was not happy. And soon ended up with this mess... Yeah... not happy!

On a better note, I had dinner with Meglet tonight. We had made quick plans yesterday when we ran into each other at the library and I completely forgot. I got an email this evening from her that was reminding me of our plans. We went to our favorite resturant Not Your Average Joes. I also gave her the lovely purse I made for her. She LOVED it (if you couldn't tell by this HOT picture of Meg with her new found lover - the red purse). They truly are a lovely pair.

I will not be taken down by the knitting olympics. I will show Stephanie Pearl-McPhee that I am a spectacular Knitter (with an uppercase "K"). I will win gold. I will do wonderfully on my two exams. I will succeed.


Anonymous said...

You can do it! If anyone can, YOU can! :) GO AILEEN!
--tav 201a

carolynem said...

i pretty much have a huge crush on you and your blog