Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wannabe Harlot?

After always telling myself I would never read a blog, let alone write one I have created my first blog. I owe the Yarn Harlot a big thank you for inspiring me to do so. I am a dedicated knitter and since that occupies much of my life (pathetic I know!) I have decided to dedicate this blog to knitting.
I learned to knit during my freshmen year of college and have been knitting ever since (all two and a half years... haha). The few years, I admit were years of knitting strictly scarves. November 2004 I decided to branch out and make a blanket for my then newborn cousin Gabriella. She is the cutest little thing alive! I then branched out and made m
yself a shawl. This Christmas I branched out the most and made my sister a poncho, my mom a shawl, and my dad a scarf. And then finally taught myself how to felt! Felting is when a pattern is knitted in a 100% wool yarn and then put into the wash to agitate the yarn giving it a more textured look and feel. My favorite one is a green felted purse with an adorable decorative button on the front. It fits all of my things in it just perfectly!
Oh! I'm going to Israel this summer with school. I am super excited for the trip. We will be studying at
Jerusalem University College. We will get to swim in the Dead Sea and see the Dead Sea Scrolls among many other exciting things. And don't worry we won't be near any of the places were much of the danger is occurring. With the trip costing roughly $3500 - which isn't actually that bad considering I'm getting four credit hours towards my major and airfare and three meals a day for three weeks - and since I don't exactly have this laying around my floor (although my roommate might) I have decided to use my love of knitting to raise money for this trip. I have mastered three patterns for felted purses, one of which being the green one shown above. I sent out letters to all my friends and family asking them to buy one to support me. I will make them in the color of the choice and the pattern of their choice. I've already received three orders and the yarn for these purses came in the mail today! I've begun on the first purse and am aiming to have it done by February 1oth so I can get it to my "client" by Valentine's Day. The Challenge is on! I'll keep you posted.
Speaking of challenges, the Yarn Harlot has presented a challenge to all her knitting readers. Keeping with the Winter Olympics, she has challenged us to pick a project that will be a challenge to complete within the time frame of the Winter Olympics (Feb. 10- Feb. 16). One must cast on d
uring the opening ceremonies and be finished with the project by the closing ceremony on Feb. 16. I haven't quite decided if I am going to participate. With a extremely heavy school schedule (18 credit hours and 2 jobs) and orders (hopefully) coming in consistently for my Israel fundraiser, I am not sure how much time I will have to dedicate to this terrific challenge. We'll see as it gets closer. Nevertheless, Go Team Boston!


Anonymous said...


um. i love you.
<3 <3 <3


Anonymous said...

I want a bag! I may buy one after Spring Break, once I can actually spend money again:)

Love ya, Mac girl!

Anonymous said...

Aileen is the sexiest knitter alive. or dead, for that matter! this journal makes me incredibly happy. YAY YOU! :)