Saturday, January 28, 2006

Still Here!

I am still blogging! Yes, this is entry number two. I have not talked myself out of it quite yet!The truth is, I actually am enjoying this thing called blogging. My experienced blogging friends were quite impressed with my first entry as I had never written a blog before and so I hope to keep them impressed! My freshmen year roommate, and great friend who is the expert in blogging got to meet her favorite blogger this summer, Fluid Pudding. I dream of the day that I can meet the Yarn Harlot! I hope if you are reading my blog, that you are reading hers. Although, if you start reading hers you may never come back to reading mine!
Since I last talked with you, I received three more orders for my knitting fundraiser for Israel! My wonderful cousin-in-law passed the word of my fundraiser on to her side of the family and is kindly gathering orders from them. So, I have definately got my work cut out for me. Fortunately, I finished the first purse tha had been ordered today - minus the felting stage - and started balling the yarn for my next project. I guess I made my goal that I set for myself to finish it by February 10th. That's the disadvantage of buying yarn off of the internet - you have to ball it all yourself and I don't have one of those fancy balling machines! (If you are going to buy yarn off the internet I STRONGLY recommend the Yarn Country. There was fast shipping!) Instead, I invented my own yarn balling machine. Wrapping the skein around two chairs - pretty clever, huh? My roommate was slightly distraught when she thought her chair had been "stolen" - oops!
So far, this weekend has been fairly productive as far as knitting is concerned. As far as homework is concerned, well that's a different issue in itself!

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